Politica de confidentialitate

Privacy Policy Updates Due to constant technical and legal innovations, we must amend or update the existing declaration. Please check before you use our website when the last version of the conditions was shown. The new display was held in January 2012. The information collected • We gather collective data, ie data about the number of visitors to our site, and the pages they visit. For each search, it saves the file name, date and time of the call, the volume of data transferred and a message regarding successful search. This information gives us an indication of general interests and preferences of our visitors. The data is not personal, but a general, statistical nature. Thus, we are not able to determine what data each user searched. • in addition, automatically gather and save information transferred by your browser, especially your IP address and browser version. These data are essential elements for the fundamental technology of the Internet and are only used for system administration purposes and to ensure that our pages are transmitted correctly. • When you request information material, we will ask for your e-mail. These data are stored. Please note that it is not necessary to provide all of this information, to a large extent you can decide for yourself what information you wish to entrust us. Completion data is needed to meet the service that we have requested. Obviously, you can also remain anonymous or use a pseudonym. All data are stored and processed separately and then immediately close together. Orient Express does not create user profiles. Length of storage and deletion Personal data is stored for a period of six months or until such time as it provides the required services. You also have the right to request at any time or partial deletion of your data. We will make this request without delay. Cookies Cookies is small text files that can be stored on the hard drive of a visitor. The information contained in the cookies facilitates the navigation of the website and allows you to have your own settings on the site. For these reasons, we use cookies on our site. These are limited time and will expire within 6 months after visiting the site can avoid saving these cookies on your hard drive by changing the browser settings. You can learn how to do this in the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer of your browser. Sending information to others Orient Express does not send the collected data to third parties, more precisely, they are not sold, rented or exchanged. We provide the necessary data to third parties only if we must use subcontractors or agents to perform the services requested by you. In such situations, our partners are required to use the data confidentially in accordance with statutory provisions, and remove them as soon as they are no longer needed. So, please understand that since we can not verify if this obligation is respected, we do not assume responsibility for any violations thereof.